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The Ken Stradling Collection
48 Park Row
Bristol BS1 5LH


0117 3290566




Registered Charity no. 1117689

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Recent addition to the Collection

Ken recently bought a bowl by the late Karen Lawrence, who Peter Layton of London Glassblowing describes as  ’A bright star who shone all too briefly’. Karen was a good friend of Julia Donnelly, Centre Manager at the Ken Stradling Collection, as both worked at London Glassblowing Workshop in Rotherhithe in the 1980s.

A pioneering glass artist, Karen developed groundbreaking techniques for making stunning kiln formed vessels, sculptures and architectural panels. By fusing and slumping careful arrangements of finely drawn strands combined with specially prepared frits, she was able to construct exquisite, deceptively delicate forms and achieve effects reminiscent of ice crystals and snowflakes.