An inspiring collection

The Collection created by Ken Stradling contains over 500 pieces of studio ceramics, 200 pieces of Scandinavian and British studio glass as well as many items of furniture, industrial design, decorative objects, paintings and prints.

The majority of pieces in the Collection reflect the kind of objects retailed by The Bristol Guild of Applied Art from the 1940s to the present day. In addition, there is a collection of earlier pieces from Bristol’s design history.

The range of makers, designers and manufacturers is very wide but here are some highlights.

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Curator’s tours

To see the full Collection, you can book on one of the fascinating guided tours with our Curator, Tanya Martin.

The Collection is also a repository of stories about the designers, manufacturers, craftspeople and the buyer himself behind it all, set in the context of Bristol’s place in design history.

Sometimes poignant, sometimes funny and always interesting, our of the Collection is an essential for anyone who is passionate about design and craft from the Bauhaus to the present.