Large Jug

Category Ceramics
Sub category Studio Pottery
Artist / Designer John Leach
Manufacturer Muchelney Pottery
Material Stoneware
Place of origin Somerset, UK.
Date 2011

Wood-fired, wheel-thrown stoneware. Rich internal black tenmoku glaze. Externally unglazed.

Height 45cm x Depth 22cm

MUCHELNEY impressed; JL impressed in a shield

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John Leach and the Muchelney Pottery have produced this style of robust kitchenware since the mid-1960s and it has become very successful. Ken Stradling began selling their work at Bristol Guild early on and has continues to do so to this day. The shapes and glazes are related to the ’standard wares’ produced at John’s grandfather’s pottery in St Ives and form part of a conscious link between Oriental ideas about ceramics and British folk traditions.