Category Glass
Sub category Encased glass
Artist / Designer Otto Braeur
Manufacturer Holmegaard-Kastrup
Material Glass
Place of origin Denmark
Date 1962 (designed)

‘Gul vase’ with globe stopper, shouldered bottle form with everted neck, white opaque glass encased in red glass.

Height 14cm x Diameter 25cm

‘KASTRUP’ Printed paper label

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Designed to be floor standing (Gul is Danish for floor), this design was available in five sizes. Originally produced in self-coloured glass, the range was re-invigorated in 1965 with the introduction of bright overlaid colours and is a good example of the Pop aesthetic of the 1960s being adopted by mainstream manufacturers. A commercial success, it was followed in 1968 by the Carnaby range of smaller vessels in the same brightly cased colours, designed by Per Lutken which was also squarely aimed at the younger, fashion conscious buyer.