6 August – 3 September 2022

 — Window display —

The collective noun for a gathering of tigers is a strike or ambush of tigers.

Photo: An Ambush of Tigers

2022 to 2023 marks The Year of the Tiger. The Chinese lunar calendar is based on the twelve signs of the zodiac which has a twelve year cycle with the change taking place in February.

Photo: Chinese tiger kite

The tiger is an important symbol in Asia, notably China, India, Nepal, Thailand and Japan where it symbolises power, courage, fertility and protection.

Photo: Moving tiger figure jumping through a flaming hoop
Central America has no native tigers, only Jaguars (named Tigres by the Spanish conquistadors) In Guatemala and Mexico they are equally important as a symbol where special festivals (with men dressed up as tigers) are performed annually to encourage rain and the fertility of the land. Ceremonial tiger dances are also an exciting event which take place in India.

For this gallery window exhibition Tony Eastman is sharing a small selection from a collection comprising over 400 tiger artefacts.

The entire collection includes tigers from all over the world and several of them are quite large so cannot be accommodated in the space. Tony has chosen to exhibit a selection of his plastic tigers and as a contrast, the work of artists who have created unique pieces especially for his collection. Also included is a small variety from different countries.

Tony Eastman. Artist and collector.

The contributing artists are: Dave Cox, Eleanor Glover, Jude Edwards, Tony O’Hare, John Butler, Stewart Tuckniss, Xavier Luz-Azulado and Phillipa Royale.

Please note, we are closed during the summer while our volunteer stewards take a well-earned break. However, we are open for curator’s tours.