We are delighted to welcome three students as interns to work with us, generously funded by the Art Fund. They will be working with us one day a week for six months.

Let’s meet them!

Photo: Orla Brachi

Orlà Brachi

Orlà is a third-year Liberal Arts student studying at the University of Bristol.

She has experience with arts organisations, teaching abroad, and customer service, and is currently working at the Watershed and curating the Loovre Gallery at the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft.

Orlà loves to be challenged, to learn, write, make, and adventure. Her passion lies in regeneration, sustainability and the democratisation of the arts and culture so that they can benefit as many people as possible.

From social media marketing to merchandise detective work, and object research to community engagement projects, Orlà has been exposed to a variety of tasks and projects since arriving. She is looking forward to learning more about curation through the preparations and launch of the 60˚ North Scandinavian exhibition.

She is also thrilled at the prospect of contributing to Ken Stradling’s community engagement efforts through their creative and educational projects.

Photo: Khava Chileava

Khava Chileava

Khava is a third year History student at the University of Bristol.

Since working at the Collection, Khava has been thrilled to be researching and writing about objects that will be on display at an upcoming exhibition of Scandinavian art and design. Khava has relished her part in helping to organise the exhibition and has thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the educational programmes the Stradling Collection offers in teaching and engaging with local students of art and design.

Khava looks forward to continuing to engage with local artists and makers in Bristol and having the opportunity to conduct interviews in order to create fascinating oral histories that will bear a long lasting impact on articulations of the legacy of Ken Stradling and the collection.

At A-level, Khava enjoyed studied English Literature, History and Government and Politics at Putney High School, earning A*AA grades.

Photo: Orla McHale

Orla McHale

Orla McHale is a postgraduate Art History student at the University of Bristol.

Having spent her undergraduate degree studying English Literature, her interests are rooted in the intersections between art and literature movements and languages’ impact in conveying artistic meanings.

Stewarding at the Ken Stradling Collection since last summer, Orla has grown fond of the Collection and enjoyed the conversations surrounding art and design the space has stimulated.

Already gaining experience cataloguing, Orla is looking forward to learning more about the inner work that goes into preserving and curating the objects within a collection. Assisting the current educational outreach programme, she has found it a pleasure hearing the students’ ideas on what a collection means to them.